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    Grow Beyond – views from our firm and our greater community

    We are excited to welcome to you our knowledge hub. We hope you like the first version of our revamped website. We look forward to engaging further with you through these platforms and having an interesting exchange of ideas and thoughts at the intersection of innovation, business, growth and development

    While we will have regular contributions from across the firm, the blog will be strengthened by the greater community of friends, partners and clients.

    For the last 30 years we have been focused on catalyzing success and fueling growth for our corporate clients and development initiatives. In the constantly evolving landscape we will continue doing so with our unique combination of strategy and execution, private sector and development practices and lastly science and strategy. We are obsessed with industry depth and pragmatic strategy and thank you for nurturing this obsession. Staying true to our passion, the central theme of this knowledge hub will be how you could truly Grow Beyond.

    Discussion — One Response

    • Joe Britto January 5, 2016 on 5:37 pm

      Your knowledge hub is indeed extremely practical and seems well informed and moving ahead with changing Agricultural Times.Being based in Bangalore , it will be a pleasure for me to get directly involved when you seek to be more active in the
      State of Karnataka.

      Karnataka is a vast State and having varied climate zones and it’s crops encompass almost all the popular types of Grains,Vegetable Crops, Fruits , Plantation crops , major cash crops and even Grasslands. Dairy farming, Forestry, Sericulture are also popular and go side by side with mainstream Agri crops.


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