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Healthcare Newsletter – December 2016

GLP-1 Strikes a Comeback in Anti-Diabetics through Combination Formulation
Timing and Smart Partnerships continue to be of Paramount Importance in Biosimilars World
Sanofi's Hexaxim Launch & Underrated yet Flourishing Private Vaccines Market in India
A Call to Keep the Ball Rolling in the Fight against Zika Virus
Perpetuating Korean Participation in Biologics Manufacturing, a Wake-up call for Rest of the World

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Indian Orthopedic Devices Market—A $2.4 Billion Opportunity

Excerpts from our white paper:

Market Potential: Indian Orthopedic devices market, currently estimated at $375 Mn, projected to grow at 20% YOY to reach $2.4 Bn by 2030. High potential in light of global market growing at a mere 5% YOY.

Evolving Competitive Landscape

  • Current Indian competitors participation – 20% in high value joints segment; 90% in low value trauma segment
  • The landscape is evolving: Indian companies move up the value chain and permeate high value markets through technology collaboration for product sophistication; MNCs pervade low value markets with Chinese imports

The Road to Success:

Market Potential: Indian Players: Technology collaboration, expansion of product portfolio and greater emphasis on clinical validation

  • Multinational Players: Differentiation on product and price
  • Active PE investment landscape anticipated to support strategic growth of Indian companies

Download the complete whitepaper here…

Mandates—ongoing assignments and partnering opportunities

  • In-licensing: ANDAs and specialty generics for leading Indian Pharma Company
  • Out-licensing: Products based on novel prolonged-release drug delivery matrix
  • Out-licensing: Marketing partnership for a specialty veterinary feed supplement
  • Private equity fund raising for an Indian diagnostic company

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