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Healthcare Newsletter – January 2017

Sanofi Jumps on the Global Biosimilars Bandwagon
Peptide Therapeutics Landscape Witnesses Further Consolidation
Molecular Diagnostics Continue to Lure Industry Investments
Amid Sluggish Capital Markets, Global Pharma Industry Thrives to keep Investments Alive

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Indian Vaccine Industry— Changes Needed for Sustained Competitiveness

Excerpts from position paper developed for CII:

Market Growth:

  • The Indian vaccine industry grew to approximately $ 1 billion in 2015 with a robust 5 year CAGR of 25%.
  • Commendable success in global supply of technologically complex vaccines at affordable prices.
  • About 60% of GAVI’s overall vaccine procurement was from Indian companies in 2014.

Context for Policy Reform:

  • Long standing requirements for multiple licenses and other regulatory redundancies cause significant delay in approval
  • Case in point is PCV vaccine, where India enjoys a strong pipeline, and near term product adoption in UIP is announced
  • Government spend on immunization needs to be increased at least 3 fold to meet near term goals

The Road to Success:

  • Policy Related Changes: Enhanced fiscal and funding support, removal of vaccines from NLEM, increase in immunization spend
  • Regulatory Changes: Eliminate redundancy in licensing processes, accelerate clinical pathway

Download the complete whitepaper here…

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